Home from our travels, plus dessert!

   Today marks the return to work after a, count them, five day weekend/ Christmas vacation. It goes without saying that coming back from that many days off is not fun, but much needed. I do know that taking time off, celebrating with family and mixing that all up with cooking yummy food can leave you feeling a little “puffy”. I have already made the decision to at least eat a few clean meals per day, so getting back on track won’t be so hard. . . Right?

   I have very much so taken a hiatus from my creative works and crafts, along with little to no maintenance to this blog. Here I am though trying to breath a little breath of life into the projects and future projects I wish to post.

   So this holiday season Andrew and I took the kiddos to West Texas to visit family. Wow, we drove so much and celebrated Christmas three times! I learned some tricks around the kitchen from Andrews mother, much appreciated since I am in NO way a culinary goddess. Ahem!

Here are a couple of pictures of the desserts me and the kids helped with:


Blue Berry Cobbler, the first time I’ve ever made one!


Gingerbread Men (the kids made these) one of our favorites to make each year.

   Now I love the holidays don’t get me wrong, but wow I’m glad its over and we survived! 

Here’s a photo I took on the drive home:


What did you cook this holiday season? Did anyone try a new recipe? What are your favorite family dishes?

Xoxo, Val


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