“All our wisdom is stored in the Trees.”


   I took this picture yesterday of my son at the park in Blanco, Texas. I feel this quote has very different meanings, and I thought about it put in context to a parent. I feel it rings very true. 

   I looked at my kids and once I became a parent, all I knew from that moment on is my children (your wisdom). Your kids spend time playing in and around nature (the trees). Whether your kids actually play in the trees or not is not the point, I KNOW that all children from one time to another daydream about being in and around the trees and maybe even daydream about being a bird, butterfly, ant. Hey, I think even as an adult I daydream about these things myself… How about you? 

What other ways do you think that our wisdom is stored in the trees? I would like to hear other interpretations of the meaning of this quote.

xoxo, Val


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